@davidm I wish I had been that optimistic pre-match! 🤦‍♂️ ⚽️ 🔴⚪️

@danielpunkass If you didn’t know, Stillwater is landing on Apple TV+: www.apple.com/tv-pr/new...

@ayjay That would be ideal! Not sure how they would tolerate a timeshare 🤷‍♂️

@ayjay Not to knock Leno at all, but I wouldn’t mind sticking with Emi as first choice. He has really seized the opportunity.

@hartlco How wonderful! Congratulations!

@ayjay 🤦‍♂️ Did we really want the PL back?

@mrbeefy +1 to this. Expert procra-stick-nator here.

@mikehaynes You already know 😉

@mikehaynes I’ll read Matt Fraction all day long, and the layouts & art by Aja are just so on point (mild Hawkguy pun). Such a strong combo.

@cm Nice to hear about the series! I haven't had a chance to partake, yet, but I have heard other good things. It sounds cheesy but the original film was a seminal moment and influenced my life in surprising-to-me ways.

@ericalba Thank you!

@brentsimmons Congratulations!

@mrbeefy Right there with you. It felt...exciting?

@poetalegre Thanks! There’s a lot in those 3 little words.

@manton FWIW I don’t think there were protected accounts, or else I would have had one. I went spelunking in the Internet Archive and don’t see a mention of this functionality on the old App.net support site.

@davidm Nice one.

@aa 😄 There’s plenty to quote from that book but this line in particular has always stuck with me.

@macgenie Wonderful! Thank you for letting me know :)

@hawaiiboy - Best of luck on a successful job search outcome from a fellow Gooner, Randy!

@ayjay You are not alone in wavering and returning with hope. Is this the best transfer window we’ve had in years, or what?

@ayjay I wouldn't mind seeing Kola get pushed up into the midfield and shed some defensive responsibility. As for Bellerin, he was showing sparks of brilliance to begin last season before the latest injury. Learning more about him as a person while he's been out of action has only made me like him more - arseblog.news/2018/02/v...

@ayjay Oooo, he’s a decent shout. He might not get much playing time if the Tierney deal gets wrapped up, but that’s never stopped us before with previous captains. I’ve long subscribed to the notion that the armband is cursed, so I’d probably want to keep it as far from Bellerin as possible.

@ayjay You’re right, the fragility is hard to understand. I was encouraged by the unbeaten run at the start of the season (gritty and unconvincing as it was at times), with our performance against Liverpool at the Emirates particularly heartening. That same team couldn’t eek out a few extra points to end the season in the top 4?

Rambo should still be an Arsenal player, wearing the armband this season. What a mess that situation was. You’re spot on about Xhaka, but it looks like he’ll be taking the captaincy after the Koscielny drama. I’d like to see Bellerin take the armband. Who’s your pick?

@ayjay We’re probably stuck with Mustafi...for me he didn’t have a bad first season with the club but I think the flaws in his game have been found out and he seems either unwilling or unable to change. It worries me that Emery still trusted him to the end and even had him deputize at RB instead of calling up someone from the very talented U23 squad. Who do you think contributes to the fragile mindset, and/or who else would you get rid of?

@ayjay I desperately want him to succeed, of course, and he was obviously the safer hire over Arteta. At the same time, I find the defeats at BATE and Rennes, the end of season collapse, his handling of Özil, and his Europa League final tactics all fairly unforgivable. It seems like we are doing enough this summer to give us a shot at regaining Champions League football but as you say: time will tell. If a truly top-drawer manager comes available (Allegri is still job searching?), I hope club leadership make the timely decision.

I have opinions 😅